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Let’s be candid: one of the barriers to making data public is that talking about data management, ethics and sharing too frequently strikes scientists as boring.

Scientists laud the dogged commitment to all sorts of routine but mission-critical tasks – pipetting? please! – but have a hard time sitting still to talk about data management.

We need to figure out how to talk about data management and sharing!

The 7-Toed Terrestrial Dolphin: Bored to Death by Data Management

On 1 March 2012, we launched a SciFund Challenge to raise a little money to support a video contest…

Soon we will invite submissions to the video contest, with the top 3 short videos to be selected by a panel of experts. Guidelines for videos:

  • Related to management and sharing of environmental/ecological data. Topics might include open data, data sharing, organizing data, integrating disparate data sets, backing up data, creating metadata, citing data, etc.
  • Ideally with some lessons – whether overt or covert – about best practices in managing and opening up scientific data
  • 3 minutes or less
  • In English (or otherwise understandable to an English unilingual!)
  • Exciting and compelling!
  • No contentious or inappropriate content (e.g., profanity)

Keep in mind that videos should captivate the viewer in the first 20 seconds.  Ideal video lengths are one to two minutes; viewing drops off dramatically at the two minute mark. (Of course, if your content is interesting and/or funny enough, then length will not be an issue!)

The next deadline will be announced soon… at that time you will be able to submit your videos on this site.  After brief review for appropriateness, and removal of your personal contact information, submissions will be posted on this website. Any comments will be made public after similar moderation, and votes will remain visible only to the contest organizers.

In addition to being shared on this website, we envision that the videos will be used in various training materials, available for anyone to use (and used immediately by us), so your creative efforts will have lasting value!

If you would like to be added to the DataONE video contest listserv, email us with your email address.

Deadline for video submission: To be announced.

Judging: A panel of judges will rank the videos based on the above criteria, and public input will be used for ‘tie breaking’.

Prizes: Creators of the top 3 videos will each receive a gift card (amount TBD!).

Example video: Unicorn Data Sharing.  Please don’t feel constrained by this example – we encourage submissions with diverse approaches and topics!

Example topics:  “Why data sharing leads to innovation and collaboration and not just being scooped”; “My so-called data management system is a mess and it’s slowing down my science”; “Envision a world where ecological data are public online, ready for action when emergencies occur”; “Interventions for my colleague who is a data-hoarding dragon!” Please don’t feel constrained by these examples – we encourage submissions on diverse topics!

Fine print: Submissions should be covered under the Creative Commons 3.0 License (CC-BY) which also means that video creators should be careful about permissions for their content. Video creators may retract or modify their submissions any time before the deadline. Multiple submissions by the same creator are allowable, but each person may only receive one prize.  The contest will only be held if we received 10 or more video submissions, so encourage your friends to submit something!


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